Samaris Creech

Astros has waited a long time to find the light. He has coveted and protected its source for years and is just waiting for the right time to gather it to him and have it do his bidding. Catherine has never been what one would call a normal child. She has always been able to see things that others cannot and has always had unexplained abilities. After a time Catherine has buried the memories of the Shadows and the Shadow man. Slowly she starts to remember and is instantly thrust into a battle. A battle for her life, her love and her sanity is seems. Nathan has always wanted Catherine but has never been able to breech her impenetrable wall. He believes that Astros will help him to finally get everything he wants. Little does he know that Astros is after the same thing Nathan wants for himself and he is simply a pawn in Astros’s never ending game of power. Jorgen has long ago lost himself to the Darkness and has just recently come out of hiding to protect something what that something is he will soon find out. This is an epic story of good versus evil. The paths that we choose to follow and the beliefs we choose to fight for.