Ottmar William

"Darkness was ruthless innocence like nature. The dark power could not be punished, scolded nor rewarded, and yet it was volatile in temperament, a true dynamism of its own."
Through every chapter I remained invested and found myself genuinely caring about the characters and their story. I am typically a slow reader because of a busy life schedule, but with this book I noticed myself making time to read more and dive deeper into the Darkness.
The author has a wonderful ability of eloquently describing a scene, that takes you on a journey, and moves you through an emotional gauntlet that makes your heart race with anticipation.
The written words of each chapter are laid out precisely to direct the reader right to where the author desires you to go. It's a mystery, a thriller, a drama and a love story all folded into one. Brilliant!
The interactive art was a great touch. They helped bring more imagination to the the already highly imaginative story line, by giving you images or music to interactive with during each chapter. I very much enjoyed the exposure to all the new artists and musicians. What a great idea to bring all these forms of media into each other. The QR codes for each chapter ended up telling a sub-story all of their own that was relative to the already engaging unfolding plot.