Nikki Peterson

The book starts with Catherine around the age of 6. She lives with her Grandmother, her mother checked out of the hospital and just walked off after her birth. When she turns six her Grandmother's heart starts giving out on her and while at the hospital Catherine's mother Kathy comes to claim her.

The story then skips forward ten years. Catherine is living in a trailer that really should be condemned. Her mother has put her through hell in the ten years she has lived with her. She's an alcoholic, and a tramp as well. The only reason she even has custody of Catherine is for the welfare. A horrible individual and horrendous mother to boot.

The only person that Catherine feels she can trust is Nathan. Since graduating high school the year before she has seen less and less of him. She has just two years left of school and she is hoping to get away with Nathan. He is as well waiting for her to finish school to let her know his true feelings for her. Little do they know that two Masters of Darkness are coming and Catherine is smack dab in the middle of them. Which one is the lesser of two evils?

The visualization in the writting is fabulous, but for me a little too much at times and I just wanted to get to the goodies of the story. I'll admit it, I can be a bit impatient. But once it does pick up it really gets a hold of you and sweeps you with it to the end. Leaving you waiting for the second book, Shadows.

The art and music that tie in with the book really do help set the mood. I'm more of a auditory person so the music was fabulous. Hearing it while reading, for me, totally helped set the scene. On the other hand the art was visually stunning as well. In whole a unique experience. Very different and highly enjoyable. All in all I would give a rating of 4 out of 5.