MC Howe

Darkness , by Erin Eveland, is a story of good versus evil. But not really. The characters are intricately drawn so no one is purely good or purely evil, making them much more compelling and the story that much more interesting.
Catherine is unwanted and unloved by a mother who abandoned her, only to take her in after her grandmother’s death. In young Catherine we see inklings of the Darkness within, which she is unaware of. As she grows up, those who want her Darkness begin to infect every part of her life, yet even those who command the Darkness walk the line between villain and hero.
Eveland weaves a tale with a rich mythology only hinted at, often leaving the reader wondering whom to root for. Even Catherine has shocking and disturbing moments blurring her role right up to the explosive final chapter. And in that chapter Eveland sets up a sequel that flips the roles of certain characters in a way most novels don’t.