Joseph Serwach

Darkness, by Erin Eveland, is the story of a teenage girl struggling with choices between darkness and light, anger and love - as she learns to deal with her own unique supernatural powers and gifts.

The first book in the Darkness series introduces us to Catherine, who was raised by a good, and faithful grandmother. Suddenly, Catherine, raised to be an angel, is reunited with her devil of a mother, Kathy, as well as well as Shadow Creatures and other dark beings who test nature vs. nurture and evil vs. good.

"Catherine was trying to decide if it was an Angel or the Devil who was trying to steal her Nana away," Eveland writes. "Catherine thought about the church Nana brought them to. It was an immaculate brick building with a steeple so tall Catherine thought it was a secret elevator the church used to shoot people straight up into Heaven."

Later, the struggle intensifies: “Some believe the night is without color. But I tell you, there are many colors in darkness."

Readers are later warned: "Nothing was all right while the world was covered in shadows."

Later, one of the dark beings explains: "Everybody is used for something, boy. That is the way of the world - the way of Darkness."

Catherine also encounters her first love as well as a host of dark supernatural creatures.

At one point, Catherine asks,“How can something scary be beautiful?”

Michigan author Erin Eveland, a mother of four who has written several short stories including many horror tales, easily moves into the dark fantasy genre in this, her first novel.

While suitable for young readers from the teenage years and up, Eveland's masterfully written fast-paced novel appeals to older readers as well: the struggle between the dark side and the light is an eternal one we cope with at every age.

"The union of Light and Darkness was a riddle which taunted him, boldfaced, between the two of everything, the two that held substance and isolation, together," Eveland writes. "Everything forgot and found, blade to grass, fingertip against touch, silence and sound."

Throughout life, we deal with choices between right and wrong, overcoming our own dark side. Eveland's Catherine grapples with these these choices on a much wider spectrum.

“Imagine a truth, in which a rainbow continually surrounds you and yet is hidden," Eveland writes. "When she is exposed, it is not the full measure of her colors you witness, only the fragmentations of the gown she has chosen to captivate you with, while she finds a means to escape your sight. Deception is her weapon, lest you part her lapels and expose her breast, where the splendors of pure white light exist – the power she refuses to let anyone wield..."