The thing I liked most about this book was that it seemed to be one long crescendo, page after page, building up to a very suspenseful but somewhat unresolved ending. I'm looking forward to the sequel! Young Catherine's struggles border on almost too bleak at times, her story both endearing the reader closer to her but also making you think, "Jeesh! When will the torment end for that poor girl?!" Her story, however, is certainly worth hearing and her quest as a conqueror of darkness is engaging and suspenseful. The interactive QR codes also make for a totally new reading experience with music and art to accompany your dark reading experience... I applaud this inventive new twist on Eveland's story!
If paranormal suspense stories are your thing, I would recommend this one- it's a slew of dark and light imagery, dramatic metaphor and writing that gets better and better as the book progresses.