Jeannie Holbrook

If you are familiar with my reviews you know that for me to rate something more than three stars is like pulling teeth. This book is a solid four stars. I loved it. I am going to be very careful with my review. I do not want to give any spoilers away.
When we meet our protagonist Catherine she is just a child. She was living with her grandmother until she passes away and her alcoholic, abusive mother takes over her care. We watch her grow up in dismal living conditions.
Astro, the self named Father of Darkness, watches over her, manipulating anyone that interferes with his future plans for Catherine.
Nathan, Catherine’s love interest, falls under Astro’s influence. Astro offers his knowledge of Darkness to tempt Nathan as well as keep him away from Catherine.
Jorgen, the one person that escaped Astro clutches, knows there is no chance of redemption for all the things he has done in his long life. He choose to save Catherine, regardless if she wants to be saved or not.
Esa, well she is a little complicated. We don’t know much about her yet.

The writing is exceptional. At times I thought that Catherine was whining, but then I remembered she was still very young and has to endure a lot. At times the story was a little slow. I thought the characters were well fleshed out. I loved how dark the story is so far. I do think I would like a better explanation of the darkness and hope in future books it explains it more. I liked how Ms. Eveland built up the suspense. One of my favorite parts in the entire book… Spoiler Alert was when she used her powers at the end of the book. When she wished ______ to be undone. The description was so excellent, I could picture it in my mind. Well done!

Overall, I loved it and can not wait to read the next book in the series.