I got this book off of Netgalley with some hesitation. I didn't know how I felt about it. Boy, was I surprised.

This is the first book on Goodreads for this author and folks, if you like creepy and deep rooted secrets, then this book is for you.

From a young age, Catherine could see the shadows. She knew that she could cause them to leave when she wanted, however Catherine never knew the reason they were there. She lived with her grandmother and Nana knew something dark was at work.

Soon, Catherine is thrust into a world with her estranged mother and a world full of drugs, death and darkness. Little did she know there was a figure in the darkness wielding power over her life.

How will Catherine respond to the growing darkness? Will she find a light in her life? Will she survive? Ultimately, how will she respond when she realizes that she holds perhaps the largest source of power known?

This is an amazing book. Like all books in a series, you are left with a lot of questions and I cannot wait until the next book.

My only criticism, is sometimes the plot is riddled with too many words to describe a point. Maybe the next book will give us more.