Heather (ChannelHMC)

*I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review.

This is tale of good versus evil in such a wonderfully dark and creepy way!

It starts off with the main character Catherine when she is around 6 and lives with her Nana. And goes through the struggle her grandmother has with the strange behavior and activities she sees in her granddaughter. The shadows that seem to come alive.

The rest of the book continues to follow Catherine as she gets older and is now living with her alcoholic mother in a rundown trailer park. And the strange activities and shadows seemingly all but forgotten. That is until one day, the shadows make themselves known once again. And they threaten everything that Catherine holds close.

This was such an on the edge of your seat read. The world building was on point as was the character development.

Artos is the antagonist and he was such a scary, intimidating figure. Along with all the Shadow Creatures. You know how sometimes you see a flash of movement out of the corner of your eye? Well, now I think of these creepy little guys when that happens lol.

Catherine was a likeable character, who you just sympathized with on so many levels. And I can't wait to continue to watch her develop as this series grows.

And I cannot wait to see the direction her friend Nathan takes. That ending though!!!!

This book is dark, and doesn't hold back on that. And that is exactly what I expect and want from a book like this. Anything less would have cheapened the story.

This was a thrilling read!