Darkness Book Series

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The Darkness book series by Erin Eveland currently includes

Book One: Darkness

Darkness Synopsis:

Catherine has been born with a supernatural power called Darkness. At six years old she becomes aware of the dark force within her and the menacing Shadow Creatures only she can see. At the point of learning how to use this power to banish the Shadow Creatures a new shadow in the shape of a man appears.

Artros is the Shadow Man, a Master of Darkness. Upon discovering Catherine, he blocks her memory of the dark power until he can sway her in attempt to control the power she holds within.

At the age of sixteen, Catherine lives with an alcoholic mother and impoverished welfare. While searching for a way to tell her only friend Nathan of her desire for him, a hidden world starts to unfold with the coincidental meeting of a man in black, Jorgen. With this encounter, questions arise and unexplained events start to occur causing Catherine to confront her past and an uncertain future.

Upon graduating High School, Nathan cooks at a local bar wondering how he can leave town with the girl he’s fallen in love with, Catherine. All seems hopeless until a man in black, Artros, introduces himself offering power greater than all the money that drives the world.

Ancient enemies with the power to control the Darkness and its Shadow Creatures, two Masters will fight to the death for what one girl may hold – the ultimate power of Light.

Book Two: Shadows

Work In Progress - Coming Soon

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